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Public Awareness programm

National Social Society do awareness programme related to health, with help of volunteer Doctors, who devote their time for the betterment of the society. Health related awareness programmes content the following objectives:-

1.      To increase public awareness that disease are significant public health problem.

2.      To increase public awareness of symptoms and signs of disease.

3.      To improve the knowledge and attitudes of patients about detection, treatment and control of disease.

4.      To promote the family and community educational material essential for positive lifestyle habits.

5.      To create public awareness about the ill=effects of alcohol, smoking and drugs, etc.

This health awareness programme will also focus to develop a panel of local people who can handle any critical situation. These programms help All India basis :-

1.      To increase knowledge, attitude and skills of all health professionals regarding sign, symptoms and management strategies for health hazards to improve disease control.

2.      To encourage health professionals to treat patients carefully.

3.      To develop resource and material for use of health professionals.

4.      To promote research all over the world to curb health hazards.

5.      To encourage continuing educational programmers on accurate information on diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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