Organisation Funding Pattern

S. No Financial year Turnover (INR)
1 2016-17 4620532
2 2017-18 5034434
3 2018-19 5345102
4 2019-20 4969044
Total 19969112

To promote its program, National Social Society receives funds from donor as different individual and company volunteering in India’s development sector.

  • Individual donor

As per section “80G”, individual donor will get rebate in tax

  • Government

Every government agency has some grant for NGOs.

  • Corporate social responsibility

CSR is a way of conducting business, by which corporate entities visibly contribute to the social good. Socially

responsible companies do not limit themselves to using resources to engage in activities that increase only their profits. They use CSR to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives with the company’s operations and growth.”

  • Funding agency

They work as a consultancy and provide grant to NGOs.

  • Online funding partner/Project Empanelment
    • Women And Child Development
    • Ministry Of Tribal Affair
    • Ministry Of Social justice
    • Ministry Of Culture
    • Ministry Of Minority Affair
    • DDUGKY
    • Global giving
    • Ketto
    • Guidestar India
    • Fund dreams India
    • Impact guru
    • Bit giving
    • Milaap
    • Ngo gama
    • CIIngogatway
    • ISRN

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