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Education is the key to empowering women and girls, which helps bring about social equality. Child education programmed works on improving lives and providing opportunities for girls and boy through increased participation in remedial / e-learning education systems.  NSS works closely with government-run schools and the different levels within the Government. NSS works to help child complete primary education and access formal schools through accelerated learning methodology and provide academic support to enhance the quality of learning. We also help nurture leadership skills among  child and offer alternative education opportunities for women and girls who have never been enrolled or have dropped out early from school

The focus of NSS is on identifying poor children from the slum areas who had dropped out of school due to any reason and making sure that they get their education to literacy by providing them primary education. Once the children have reached the required standard of education, they shall be  main streamed  into Government schools, where education is free thereafter. Although the  main streamed  child in the Government school gets free education to avoid them dropping out and acquire the requisite quality and standards, the child will be assisted with "Remedial Classes" for which similar expenses are to be incurred for at least 2/3 years. As they settle down, the support can be withdrawn.  Since the students have left their academics and are involved in other activities to support the family income, we will counsel the parents of the students to let the child get admitted in the govt. school. NSS will give basic elementary education in the “Remedial classes” and prepare the student to get admitted in the school to continue his education. The admission will be done in Govt. schools under the norms of Right to Education and wherever possible in the private schools.

Our programme will impact the society in following ways:-

·          The students will become productive members of society

·          There will development of overall personality of students

·          Students will have greater self esteem.

·          Increases the chances of getting better employment on completing education

·          Becomes more aware on cleanliness and sanitation

·          Reduces the rate of crime in society

    Education has been the most signification area of concern for the NSS. The organization holds classes of remedial class education for the children of weaker section. These children were victim of all sorts of exploitations and abuse. Their parent did not realize the importance of Education for their children. These parents preferred their Children stay at home and their parents in domestic activities, the organization motivates these parents to send their children to school. The NSS Conducted Classes for poor children aged between five to fourteen years. The prime objective of the classes is to encourage children for attending the school at the early stage and aware their parents to send the child to school regularly for better education. 

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A girl's child study in public school @Rs 1100/- per month
(Girls have lost her father and mother work with housekeeping)
INR 1100/- 

Sponsor books, stationery & co-curricular Sponsor Children's [email protected] Rs.1500/-
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Enroll children into government school and also provide educational support to help them stay in school
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