NAME OF THE PROJECTRemedial Class   (wings to fly)Vocational training(Angels)
PROJECT ACTIVITIESOrientationBaseline surveyTraining for StaffsSchool materials suppliesRefresher for Staffs monthly.Support for 4 (four) teachers and one ProjectBeneficiaries trainingTechnical supportGroup trainingRecreational activities
DURATIONApril 2018-March2019   (Every year programme)currently running since 2015
BENEFICIARIESPrimary level students(6-14years children)Girls, Women and youth
TARGET2000 children1000 Girls women and youth
REMARKSDevelop remedial classes in Delhi,Dausa,Jaipur and MumbaiDevelop new training centers in Delhi,Dausa,Jaipur and Mumbai

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